From Amityville, Long island New York... RHYME VALORE with production by the legendary DJ STITCHES!!! DJ STITCHES has worked with a ton of MC's and producers such as Rakim, Prince Paul, and even helped form De La Soul. He started working with RHYME VALORE in 1992 and recorded the material on the album from 92-'94. It wasn't until three years later in 1997 that THESE ARE THE DAYZ and TOP EMCEE came out. The rest of the tracks on "ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT" are all previously unreleased. RHYME VALORE went on to become a part of HORROR CITY and work with PRINCE PAUL. The "ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT" EP is limited to 300 copies and will never be repressed. 7 tracks of RHYME VALORE FIRE!!! Don't miss out on this one!!
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