STEZO "MORE RARITIES" EP (Standard Black Vinyl)


Dope Folks Records 87th release is from the legendary STEZO! STEZO’s “MORE RARITIES” EP is
a follow up to our 8 song EP STEZO “Unreleased & Rarities” (currently SOLD OUT). 8 songs in all,
this EP compiles the tracks from STEZO’s impossible to find mid-90’s 12”s featuring the songs “Bop
Ya Headz”, “Shining Star”, “Funky For Ya”, “Mr. S” and the bonus freestyle track “Bonus.” This EP
also features a remix of the song “Where’s The Funk At” by DJ Hands. Remastered for vinyl, this
official STEZO release is Limited to 300 vinyl copies (200 standard black, 50 red vinyl, 50 white vinyl), Never to
be repressed.
**This is the standard BLACK vinyl version
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